Travelers’ Feedback

At the end of each week we ask our travelers to give us detailed feedback about their Luberon Experience week. We learn more about what they most enjoyed and get great ideas for improvements for future trips. Meet some of our travelers and see what they had to say about their Luberon Experience!

Stacy1-175x175“This was truly one of the best weeks away that I have had in a long time! … I enjoyed the intimacy of a small group, one location to stay in, and such a varied itinerary to experience this region of Provence.”

– Stacy from Iowa, USA

Don-and-Annette-2-175x175“This was my first trip to France. I enjoyed the village life in Provence, the history, and the very friendly people. Kathy and Charley made every day a different experience. I enjoyed myself all the time.”

– Don from New South Wales, Australia

Jim-2-175x175“The size and composition of the group, along with your expert leadership and contacts in the area, made the entire week a superior experience. I don’t see how it could have been better!”

– Jim from Ohio, USA

Nick-175x175“I felt like a traveler, not a tourist… seeing those things most people do not. Goat farms, family homes, private vineyard tours… they all topped all expectations. I loved the feeling of being a “local.”

– Nick from Massachusetts, USA

Gloria1-175x175“I loved this area of France. I liked experiencing the simplicity of life here. I wish all my family and friends could experience France as we did.”

– Gloria from Tennessee, USA

Lavonne-175x175“There was a nice mix of experiences… restaurants, picnics, variety of villages, wineries, experiences with local people, and markets. The hotel was wonderful, and Pierre’s cooking was excellent.”

– LaVonne from California, USA

Thomae-175x175“You guys make a very demanding job look effortless as you expertly create a comfortable, fun, educational, and entertaining experience for all. The trip is a bargain for all of your excellent guidance and experience, and ability to make sure everyone has a great time.”

– Sally from Washington, USA

Barbara-175x175“I loved the region. I was totally unaware of the Luberon and the history. The village was just the right size, and I loved being part of a French village… walking down the street and recognizing faces that not only recognize you but smile and and speak.”

– Barbara from Kentucky, USA

Tom-175x175“I really appreciated the care and planning that Charley and Kathy put into everything. No problems– just enjoy! I also enjoyed the “up close and personal times”– Michele, Marianne, Janice and the Faverots. The hotel was very comfortable, the garden peaceful.”

– Tom from Florida, USA

Sandy-Noakes-2-175x175“Thank you for one of the best times of my life. And thank you for your warmth and especially for giving me the chance to see the true France.”

– Sandy from New South Wales, Australia

Lo-5-175x175“I loved every day! Each night I found myself saying ‘that was my favorite day.’ I was so impressed with both of you… I appreciated how you could adapt to what people wanted to do and really went out of your way to have each person experience what they needed.”

– LoChin from Illinois, USA

Dawn-and-Ivan-175x175“There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the personal and organizational skills of you two! Our Luberon Experience was everything we dared hope for and more.”

– Dawn from New South Wales, Australia

Romaine-175x175“Both of you made me feel special. I appreciate the personal attention you gave to me and to everyone in our group.”

– Romaine from Minnesota, USA

John-and-Ava1-175x175“We travel a lot but this Luberon Experience is certainly one of the best, if not the best, holiday we have had and the most perfect blend of what we imagined a week in Provence to be. It met and in fact exceeded all our expectations.”

– John and Ava from New South Wales, Australia

Bob-W-21-175x175“This was our 6th trip to Europe and by far the best. You promised much in your website and you delivered even more—that is hard to do. You love what you do and it shows!”

– Bob from Ohio, USA

Vivien-2-175x175“This was a once-in-a-lifetime mother and daughter trip! I couldn’t even dream of it! Kathy and Charley, you put your heart, passion, and vocation into these trips.”

– Grace from Victoria, Australia

Fynne-4-175x175“Absolutely perfect—best vacation I have ever had.”

– Fynne from North Carolina, USA

Barb-3-175x175“Visiting in the homes of Janice, François and his winery, and Marianne and her goat farm gave me a better sense of the people in the Luberon. Bonnieux is just a beautiful little village, the B&B was charming and clean, the breakfasts were wonderful, and the local restaurants were great. I would love to offer a constructive criticism, but nope… you guys were near perfect!”

– Barb from Florida, USA

Larry-175x175“Thanks for a remarkable week. It was the perfect combination of a group tour and the flexibility of doing things you chose. It is not often an entire week so greatly exceeds a year’s expectations!”

– Larry from Texas, USA

Leslie-175x175“I enjoyed each and every day! Favorites included both winery tours (including the spectacular lunch at Domaine Faverot!), picnic lunches, hike to Lacoste, dinners at Le Clos du Buis, and dinner at La Flambee. Loved the location!!”

– Leslie from California, USA

Cheryl-2-175x175“Every day was more heavenly than the next. I can’t imagine doing all this and experiencing all we did on our own. The visit to Domaine Faverot was an especially great day. Their hospitality was so incredible… they made strangers feel so welcome.”

– Cheryl from Alberta, Canada

Kim-and-Ross-175x175“I really loved this week! Kathy and Charley are friendly, patient, generous and accommodating. I especially liked how they catered for different tastes, for the energetic and not-so-energetic. I can definitely say that this was more than I thought it would be and all I could have hoped for.”

– Kim from Victoria, Australia

Lilly-Dianna-175x175“We will always relish the memories of this trip. It was perfectly paced and we will leave with a passion for the Luberon and the rest of Provence. What else do you need from a trip? Thank you , Kathy and Charley, for the perfect “European experience.”

– Lilly from Georgia, USA

Gloria-175x175“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the trip. I have told many people since we have been back how wonderful it was, but that it would not have been that wonderful without Kathy & Charley. They made the trip. The people in the town knew them and liked them, and we would never have gotten to do what we did without them.”

– Gloria from California, USA

Cathy-B-175x175“This trip has the right mix of fun and relaxation, with personable and knowledgeable hosts and an interesting and flexible itinerary. There was a great mix of experiences with the local culture. Great group size. There were so many personal touches, surprises, and “ooh-la-la” moments!!”

– Cathy from Iowa, USA

Sam-3-175x175“It is so obvious how much thought and planning has gone into your program to ensure a perfect visit to the Luberon. If I didn’t know better, I would even say you made the weather perfect!”

– Sam from Maine, USA

Steve-2-175x175“Kathy and Charley did a great job of mixing the activities. The sum of the parts really makes the experience.”

– Steve from California, USA

Betsy-4-175x175“The Luberon was just what I was looking for in this vacation. John and I had both seen many cities and done “fast” travel in Europe. The ability to slow down and see much more of a small (and beautiful) region was good for us.”

– Betsy from Minnesota, USA