A Good Year

A Good Year: A Movie Set in the Luberon

The Good Year

Flashback to November 2006: Our family eagerly awaited the release of a new movie filmed in the Luberon. “A Good Year,” directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe, was based on a book of the same name by Peter Mayle, author of “A Year in Provence.” We lived in the Luberon for six months the year before, departing just before the film crews arrived, and we enjoyed Mayle’s book. We were interested to see how the book translated to a movie, and we were especially anxious to see the beauty of our beloved Luberon on the big screen.

We were first in line at our local theater on November 10, the day the movie was released in the USA. We organized a group of friends to join us, people who visited us in Provence or participated in our first Luberon trips earlier that fall. Afterwards we gathered at our house to debrief the film and reminisce about our own Luberon experiences.

Much of “A Good Year” was filmed on location in the Luberon, a dramatic contrast to other scenes shot in the bustling city of London. Oscar winner Crowe plays Max Skinner, a successful investment expert, who inherits a dilapidated vineyard in Provence after the death of his uncle. The Château la Canorgue, about a mile from Bonnieux, was used as the site of the chateau and vineyard Max inherits.

Although A Good Year wasn’t a big box office hit, critics agreed that the cinematography was outstanding. Several reviewers suggested that the big star of the movie was really the Luberon! “A Good Year” introduced many movie-watchers to this enchanting area of Provence, especially its suggestion that a beautiful area and its slower lifestyle can work magic in someone’s out-of-control life. (As a former executive in the corporate world, this was a concept I had already embraced enthusiastically.)


The movie has reached a broader audience through the DVD release. We’ve been impressed by the number of people all around the world who have visited our Good Year webpage and are interested to know more about the area where the movie was filmed. Charley and I watch the movie often. Of course we love the scenery and the familiarity of the area that’s so special to us. In the busy-ness of our American lifestyles, “A Good Year” relaxes and romances us. And of course it always makes us yearn to get back to Provence.

On Location in the Luberon

Peter Mayle set his book “A Good Year” in the Luberon, telling a story about a British investment whiz who inherits a vineyard in Provence from an uncle he hadn’t seen in years. Director Ridley Scott and Mayle are friends who both own homes in the Luberon. Apparently Scott and Mayle talked about the book before it was written, and the film project was launched quickly. The movie starred Russell Crowe, Albert Finney and a beautiful French actress named Marion Cotillard. (Two years later she won the Oscar for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose.”)

The cast and crew of “A Good Year” spent nine weeks in the Luberon in the fall of 2005, many of them staying in the village of Bonnieux, where our Luberon Experience trips are based. Several very familiar spots in Provence and the Luberon are featured in the movie, many of which we visit during our Luberon Experience week in Provence.

The filming locations in Provence include:

Château la Canorgue, the château and vineyard Max inherits and the main location for the movie. This acclaimed Côtes du Luberon winery, located about a mile outside the village of Bonnieux, is well-known for its fine organic wine. The crews filmed inside the château and outside in the vineyards and garden, including several scenes involving the swimming pool. Other scenes in the movie were filmed at the front of the house, including the final romantic scene of Max and Fanny on the terrace. Canorgue is one of our favorite spots in the area, and the owners are personal friends. The house and winery have been owned by this family for several generations; they are dedicated winemakers who make excellent wine. The tasting room and a section of the garden are open to the public, but the chateau is a private home and not open to visitors.

The view from Canorgue looking west toward Bonnieux and the Petit Luberon. The village is just vaguely identifiable in the distance. This perspective was shown several times in the movie.

Bonnieux from Canorgue

The entrance to Canorgue on the road between Bonnieux and the Pont Julien as Max first arrives at his inherited chateau. The stone marker is Canorgue’s actual marker, though the name was altered for the movie.

The village of Gordes, seen on its hilltop near the beginning of the movie when Max’s plane seems to be landing right in the Luberon. The plane must have been put in digitally! We stop at the viewpoint to take photos admire this magnificent view of Gordes on our way to its Tuesday morning market.


The Marseille Airport and rental car area where Max arrives and departs and picks up his little Smart car.

Vineyards between Oppede and Menerbes where Max is lost in his Smart car looking for the chateau. This spot is identifiable by road signs.

A vineyard just beneath Lacoste, another spot where Max is lost trying to find the chateau. The ruined castle of the Marquis de Sade (now owned by designer Pierre Cardin) is visible at the top of the village.


Gordes-war-memorial-4The main square and war memorial in Gordes, where Max goes in circles in his Smart car looking for the notaire’s office.

Hôtel le Renaissance in Gordes, which became Fanny Chanel’s bistro for the movie, a location seen several times. This hotel and restaurant is tucked away in the corner of a small square near the entrance to the tourist office. If you look closely, you’ll see Nathalie Margan and her father Jean-Pierre from Chateau La Canorgue at a table during the scene where Max waits on tables. They had the opportunity to be extras in this scene.

The fountain in the square by the Hôtel le Renaissance, where Max waits with a glass of wine until Fanny gets off work.

The farmhouse at Château les Eydins, the brightly-lit home of the estate manager Duflot and his wife, where Max and Christie go for dinner and Christie drinks too much pastis. Château les Eydins is another organic winery just down the road from La Canorgue.

The pond in the center of Cucuron, where Max and Fanny go for their date, with old movies on a big screen and a band playing. This beautiful spot is on the south side of the Luberon.  We often get e-mails about this location, and no– they do not have music and movie events like the one portrayed in A Good Year.

The Cafe de France in Lacoste, where Max finds Christie at the bus stop (near the end of the movie) and gives her a letter.  There’s no bus stop there, but the cafe is real.  It’s terrace is one of our favorite spots in the Luberon because of the fabulous view looking across the valley to Bonnieux.


We highly recommend the special features on the DVD of “A Good Year.” The feature “Postcards from Provence” is especially interesting. It includes the director’s commentary and some short features about the making of the movie in Provence.

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Want to personally experience the beautiful area featured in “A Good Year”? Join us for The Luberon Experience, our one week tour in Provence, including a private tour and wine tasting at Chateau la Canorgue.

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